You've installed, now what?

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1. Installing the plugin

Once you've installed the plugin, you're going to want to set up the basics for Bring to be able to offer their services to your customers.

After activating the plugin, a new menu item will show under WooCommerce on the Dashboard

2. Shipping Zones

The quintessential part of WooCommerce shipping. Add Bring Fraktguiden to your shipping zone for it to show on the checkout.

Click Add Shipping Zone

Add Bring Fraktguiden as the method

3. Setting up the plugin

Clicking Bring Settings will show you the setup page for the plugin:

4. Mybring settings

The plugin will not return any prices from Bring without a Mybring account. This is something that Bring has stated you need to have. If you don't have an account, you can click one of the links on this page to get your account in place.

You will need your Email Address, Your API key and your Customer Number in order to move to the next step.

5. Shipping options

The Shipping options tab is where all of the services you can choose from exist

From here, you'll use the Bring Products section to select the services you're able to run with your Mybring account. 

The most popular are Package to "pickup location" and "Package to mailbox"

When you've selected a service, a new dialog box will show allowing you to customise the options available, such as Free Shipping limits, Fees and Fixed Prices.

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