I have set up fixed pricing and/or pickup points but the plugin is still calculating the shipping cost and it's not showing any pickup-points in the checkout.

The most common cause for this is that Bring has transferred your account to their new system and given you a new main API customer number. This also means that you have been given access to their new products such as "Pakke til hentested". You can read more about the changes here: https://www.bring.no/tjenester/pakker-og-gods/endringer.

These changes mean that you have to update your configuration.

Step 1. Verify that your account is using the new products

Go to WooCommerce → Bring settings → Shipping alternatives.

Verify that you are using the old products such as "Klimanøytral servicepakke".

In the front-end; add a product to the cart and go to the checkout page. Fill in some details and calculate shipping.
If you are getting "Pakke til hentested" instead of "Klimanøytral servicepakke" then your account has been transferred. Please continue with step 2 and 3.

If you are getting "Klimanøytral servicepakke" then please open a new support ticket.

Step 2. Updating your customer number.

Log in to your mybring.com account and navigate to the API page. 

Click on "My profile" in the top right.

Select the "API" tab.

Your new API customer number should be in the API customer number section.

Note: This number does not have a prefix such as "PARCELS_NORWAY-".

Copy and paste this number into "API customer number" located under 

WooCommerce → Bring settings → Mybring.com API

Step 3. Updating your services

Instead of using "Klimanøytral servicepakke" you should now use "Pakke til hentested" instead.

  1. Go to WooCommerce → Bring settings → Shipping alternatives.
  2. Remove the old service, eg. "Klimanøytral servicepakke".
  3. Add the new service, eg. "Pakke til hentested", and configure it.